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Advanced Building Assessment, Inc. specializes in identifying and quantifying damages to buildings, all aspects of in indoor air quality testing reports and remediation protocols, and other issues unique to the “built environment”. Eric Osking has a Masters Degree in Science and is one of less than 600 individuals in the world who currently holds the Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant designation.

Services we provide include estimation and appraisal of damages including expert witness presentation, indoor air quality inspection, testing, assessment, remediation protocols and certifying that a damaged property has been returned to its pre loss, clean condition. The majority of our work revolves around wind, fire, and “Water Damaged Buildings” (WDB’s) and their resultant mold, virus, bacteria and pest issues. We also provide testing for volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), bacterial contamination, etc. We have a Florida licensed mold assessor on staff, and employ the services of a PhD microbiologist/mycologist when needed. 

Advanced Building Assessment, Inc.

​​Eric Osking M.S., CIEC
Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
FL Licensed Mold Assessor MRSA#2275
FL Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster A#197538



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